A culture of warmth, compassion, dignity & respect

We all believe our job is to deliver high quality care that will improve and sustain the overall quality of the life of our residents. .We provide a happy environment where each resident feels at home and finds the level of independence, companionship, warmth, safety and comfort that they desire and deserve; our aim is to enable our residents to remain in charge of their lives as much as is possible.
Of course, our skilled, dedicated and highly trained staff treat each resident as an individual and support their complex health and medical conditions as well as their emotional well- being. Individualised, person centred care-planning provides the care and support for residents and this often includes families too, since, we understand, that choosing a care home is a major decision and one that we can help with.
Drumconner Luxury Nursing and Care Homes
Nursing and Care Homes in Lancing near Worthing and Brighton
Drumconner chooses to evolve as a learning organisation by supporting the development of both residents and staff. Forward planning, reflecting on care practice, identifying strengths and weaknesses and sharing knowledge in order to improve, involves everyone, including residents, carers, staff & family members. Resident meetings are scheduled regularly to discuss needs and improvements.Staff are encouraged to take up training and mentoring opportunities with some healthcare workers achieving NVQ qualifications on the job.
Each of us is dedicated to making improvements wherever possible, and is never satisfied with status quo. We ensure that everything we do is continually reviewed. We get feedback from the people who use our services and implement robust systems to maintain our high standards. On the rare occasion we find any shortcomings we are quick to review what happened and put them right.
Quality of Care

Drumconner homes where everything is individualised. Care depends upon individuals needs and wishes, and relatives and friends are welcome and consulted on care issues.

We understand that quality is crucial to everything we do. Everyone at Drumconner has a personal and professional commitment to providing excellent care. We believe that truly excellent care must start with understanding the individual, their actions and their sense of responsibility. We believe that truly excellent care must start with the individual, and their actions and sense of responsibility. It is our staff that create the homely environment which Drumconner is known for. For us care only begins at the nursing & personal care requirements since living life with us needs to be stimulating, fun and aligned to our residents individual personalities.