Here is an overview of our procedures, protocols and other things we have in place to make sure residents are living as normal life as possible:


Our approach to Covid-19 and keeping residents and staff safe.

Since march 2020 the covid -19 virus has presented unprecedented challenges to the social care sector and to Drumconner itself. We have adapted quickly to the challenges posed and we have made the health and safety of our residents our priority.
Our aim is to deliver care in as safe and holistic manner possible, putting the residents well being at the centre of that care.
The team work tirelessly to maintain safety whilst promoting client centred care. We adhere to Government and Public health England guidance which means we wear the appropriate PPE at all times, face masks, aprons and gloves are changed regularly with stringent hand washing regimes in place. We audit our infection control measures to ensure they ae effective and have increased cleaning intensity, especially in communal areas. We have maintained ample stocks of PPE throughout the pandemic.
We complete regular weekly testing with two LFD and one PCR a week for all staff and residents are tested every 28 days.


We accept admissions after a telephone or face time consultation, we build a comprehensive care plan from this in order that the care delivery can instantly meet the residents needs on arrival.
We ask that all new residents come with a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours of admission and a negative LFD taken on the day. If the new resident is double vaccinated there is no isolation period.
We will carry out another PCR on admission.
Please do not come for admission if you are displaying symptoms or have had contact with another person displaying symptoms. Please call the home if you have any questions or concerns.


We have several avenues for visiting here at Drumconner.
Firstly , we encourage each resident to have an essential care giver, this person will be able to visit the resident whenever they wish for as long as they wish. These visits are room based only and the essential care giver should ideally be double vaccinated. The essential care giver will follow the same testing regime as staff, two LFDS and on PCR a week. Drumconner will supply the PCR test and register it on site.
Each resident can have any amount of named visitors. These visits will take place in the bubble room, the pod, in the garden or at a window or patio. A maximum of two visitors per resident per visit and each visitor must show a negative LFD taken on the day of the visit. Visits must be booked in advance and this can be arranged via our Lancing Welfare Officer Lisa Sim on or Bournemouth Welfare Officer on
Please do not come if you are displaying symptoms. Management retain the right to refuse admission.
Visitors will be screened and health checked at the door.
Residents may go on outings with named visitors as long as both the visitor and the resident test negative on an LFD test on the day. Outings should be in open spaces as far as possible whilst maintaining social distance. Public transport is to be avoided if at all possible.
We also offer facetime appointments for those who cannot get to us to visit in person, please book with Lisa

Vaccination programme

At Drumconner we have 90% coverage with not only being double vaccinated but we all had our boosters on the 4th October 2021.
Vaccinations are the key to keeping people safe and we endorse the uptake of the vaccine.

Residents Wellbeing

With the changes in Government guidance and the vast majority of residents and staff double vaccinated we are opening our doors up to outside visits, these will include, singers, dancers and spiritual care givers.

Bubble Rooms

We have built safe and secure Bubble Rooms so authorised visitors can still maintain some kind of contact with their family or friends who are residents in our homes. Please call us for more details and to arrange a visit.

We can offer you REMOTE TOURS of our Care Homes

If you would like to arrange or find about Remote Tours of either of our Nursing Care homes in Lancing or Bournemouth – please use our form underneath:

Virtual Tours are currently being offered via Skype/Zoom and WhatsApp. If you would like to book a tour please contact us with your preferred method and a contact email/telephone number and a member of staff will then set up the connection allowing for a virtual tour of the home and Q&A session.