Live Life to the full at Drumconner

Drumconner homes genuinely offer the possibility of enhancing, and improving residents health and wellbeing providing outstanding levels of care, social interaction, and experiences, residents are supported in leading a fully active, stimulating and fulfilled life.

Socialising plays an important role in Drumconner homes and our residents can get involved in a wide range of activities specially organised by our dedicated activities team.

With local attractions from beautiful countryside, seaside cafes , bustling towns, local theatres and historic buildings nearby our homes and surrounding areas have so much to offer.

A place where everyone is welcome
Our homes feel welcoming, warm, safe, and inviting open to the local communities, families and friends . All are welcome to join residents on a daily basis and take part in our wide range of social activities, or just pop in for a morning coffee and a chat or afternoon tea in our comfortable lounges or spacious dining rooms.

Health and fitness -What will you do today?

At Drumconner want you to live a happy and fully independent life which often is reliant on getting involved in things of personal interest, seeing family regularly and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the lives of family and friends whilst always being reassured that support and help is available when required.
We focus on providing you with a stimulating mix of activities, which relax, promote a sense of well-being and enable personal growth and independence through new experiences. We listen carefully to you to ensure hobbies of old, favourite trips or personal celebrations are organised for everyone to enjoy with friends and family. A weekly agenda is built up from the requests and suggestions of residents , family and friends and everyone is welcome.
Life at Drumconner is all about choice. How you want to spend your day, what to eat for lunch, whether to listen to a musician in the lounge or just relax with a good book in your bedroom or in our beautiful gardens it is entirely up to you.
Drumconner activity teams sole purpose is to ensure a full and varied programme of activities that appeal to all tastes and energy levels. Residents are enabled to live a happy and independent life which often is reliant on getting involved in things of personal interest, seeing family regularly and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the lives of family and friends whilst always being reassured that support and help is available when required.
The activities team carefully assess and identify personal areas of interest, which are incorporated into the activities programme setting Drumconner apart, we won’t just find out what you like and what you have experienced in your life, we will do something positive with the information you choose to share with us hopefully bringing new happiness into your life, creating new memories as you share your experiences with other people.
The atmosphere in our homes are ones filled with laughter, friendliness and warmth.


Physical fraility is often seen as a fact of life for older people but at Drumconner we believe that preventative care is key to improving residents physical and mental health which in turn improves their quality of life. Exercise is a proven mood enhancer releasing endorphins, ‘feel good chemicals’ naturally released in the body invigorating the mind, inspiring hope and makes you feel good. Other positive effects include reduction in stress, better sleep improved mental capability, and mobility and regular sessions take place with the activity team or in-house physiotherapist.
Physiotherapy and Fitness suite Our in-house experienced physiotherapist looks at mobility , posture and seating helping residents to regain independence, improve their flexibility, confidence and mobility in turn helping to prevent falls which has a significant impact on the quality of life, daily enjoyment and wellbeing of the residents

Complimentary Therapies

At Drumconner there is the option to indulge in a spot of health or wellbeing such as an appointment with our complimentary therapist providing a choice of therapies that include massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Whilst all residents can benefit from these services they may be especially good for people that are not so active, as they may help with circulation and improve mobility.

Speech Therapy

We work closely with speech therapists to ensure that residents with swallowing difficulties which may be the result of stroke, progressive neurological disorders or cognitive decline are well-served to help maintain this basic function and the ability to eat solids and communicate with their families.

Dining at Drumconner

We know that good food makes people happy and our homes offer healthy, freshly prepared appetising and nutritionally balanced meals using only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients making sure personal preferences and dietary requirements are catered for.
Not only is good food and nutrition essential to health, the enjoyment of freshly prepared meals is one of the most important factors in staying healthy and has a positive impact on our mental health, wellbeing, of our residents.
Each Drumconner home has professionally trained chefs and fully trained catering staff preparing a range of delicious well balanced and nutritiously appropriate food suitable for the individual dietary needs of each resident.
If you enjoy good food, you will certainly enjoy life at Drumconner. Mealtimes are an important part of daily life in Drumconner care homes and we pride ourselves on the quality of our catering and the range of choice available to residents daily.
Our chefs cater for specialist, religious or cultural diet, whatever your dietary needs, the chefs will do their best to cater for them. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, on a medically advised diet to manage a health condition, or have food intolerances or allergies, it will be taken into consideration when planning our menus.
Residents are involved in selecting dishes that are included new seasonal menus offering tempting new dishes and treats daily with very effort made to learn what residents like and featuring family favourites.
It’s not just a hearty breakfast, and three course lunch and dinner. Morning coffee and freshly baked cakes, biscuits and afternoon tea are also served, with fresh fruit and high energy snacks readily available to supplement regular meals if required, as well as plentiful fresh water, fruit juices and other drinks to ensure good hydration which is an essential part of many of our residents’ lives.
Our homes regularly hold monthly themed food days and residents are given the opportunity prepare and taste specially created dishes using ingredients from different countries. Celebrating happy times such as birthdays, anniversary and important events is a great excuse to try delicious home-made cakes and a lovely way to enjoy the homes facilities.
We promote individual wellbeing through a positive and enjoyable dining experience in luxurious surroundings and support residents to eat and drink, so they are well-hydrated and well-nourished.
Chefs are also trained in producing menus for residents living with dysphagia- difficulty swallowing bought on by conditions such as Parkinson’s disease enabling chefs to create meals identical to other diners.
Every resident has a choice of what they would like to eat and where they would like to eat. Staff offer a choice and variety from formal dining to a more casual experience, from room service with plated meals served in the privacy of residents rooms and one to one support when required to alfresco dining weather permitting.
Mealtimes are often a focus for social engagement and can be a real highlight of a resident’s day, our comfortable restaurant style dining rooms allow us to deliver more than just great food in beautiful surroundings but also the opportunity to socialise and form important relationships creating a sense of community and companionship.

Please find an example menu detailing the types of meals we server at both our homes.
Bournemouth and Lancing.


A selection of cereals, porridge, toast & preserves, grapefruit, prunes, fresh fruit Cooked breakfast available on request sausage, eggs, bacon, beans, tomato


coffee, tea, fruit juice

Lunch | Main course

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and mint sauce, served with roast potatoes and our garden vegetable selection of the day or Baked salmon served with parsley sauce, roast potatoes, parsnips and sprouts
A choice of salads are also available

Afternoon Tea

A selection of homemade cakes, scones, fresh fruit, tea and coffee

Evening Meal | Starter

Chef’s homemade soup of the day served with bread roll

Main course

Meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti or Chicken liver pate ploughman’s


Lemon Meringue Pie or a choice of yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese & biscuits

Evening supper | Dessert

Apple crumble and custard
A selection of yoghurt, ice cream, fresh fruit or cheese and biscuits


tea, coffee, juice, selection of wines
A selection of hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk), fruit juices, sandwiches, savoury items and homemade cakes.