Postcards of Friendship

Drumconner Residential Care Home has launched a ‘Postcards of Friendship’ campaign, asking all those in the local area to send postcards to their elderly residents. People travelling the world are taking part with communities in Sussex and Dorset leading the way in sending local cards too.

“We want to inspire our residents to remember happy childhoods spent beside the sea, or times when they might have taken their own children on a holiday abroad or a UK break, perhaps. Maybe just a postcard from a local area in Dorset or Sussex.’”

“We hope that our residents will feel connected to the wider community as they begin to receive cards from people they don’t know, but who have obviously cared enough to get in touch. Loneliness is so often felt by adults and the elderly, regardless of how many people they’re surrounded by. We hoped, in some small way, to tackle the issue of loneliness, too.” 

Please make someone’s day and send your postcards directly to the Drumconner Care Home where we will distribute the cards to those residents so that all can enjoy.

Drumconner Lancing
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West Sussex

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Drumconner Bournemouth
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